Mediterranean Sea, promenade, marina, gastronomy, family leisure … determine the main characteristics of tourism that represents La Pobla de Farnals and which are concentrated in a single space: The North beach.

It is an urban beach, about 220 m long and 70 m wide, which stands out for the quality of its waters and the golden color of its fine-grained sand. This wonderful place provides the perfect environment to enjoy the Mediterranean Sea in all its splendor. The surroundings of the North beach are complemented by the restaurants along the seafront, which base most of their menu on the fresh produce that the sea offers, made with traditional Valencian gastronomy.

The North beach is situated to the north of the marina of the Pobla de Farnals, a small but well equipped port that has light sailing school and companies dedicated to the rent of cruise ships.

Playa Norte


  • Length: 220 m.
  • Average width: 70 m.
  • Degree of occupancy: High
  • Type of development: Urban
  • Type of water: Shallow calm
  • Water quality: Excellent
  • Type of sand: Fine grain golden color