Church of the Sant Josep

It seems that under its lot was the Andalusian farmhouse that gave rise to the population. The present time was built in 1737 and was reformed in 1887. Today it is still possible to appreciate the old work (a nave of three sections) of the new one, a further section of the same nave.4 Since 1902 it is an independent parish. There are various paintings from the 17th and 18th centuries, as well as the chapel of the Communion. Its bell tower was reformed in 2009.

It has a bell tower of square plant raised with masonry and tile, and the auction made with current materials, where you can find a set of four bells, one dedicated to the Virgen del Rosario, cast in 1957, the other is named Of Felisa, dedicated to Sant Feliu Mártir, remodeled in 1964. Another called Maria Vicenta, was also remodeled in 2003 and the largest one is of the year 1941, with the name of Maria Josefa.

Church of the Virgin of Carmen

It was built around 1970 on the beach of Puebla de Farnals and has a circular plant. It is an exempt building, whose outer walls are made of brick, the rest of the building being in concrete. The presbytery is in the form of a biconvex lens, all cylindrical shaped elements having different heights and sections according to their purpose.

Ceramic altarpiece of Sant Francesc de Asís

San Francisco de pie, con habito de su orden -azul aquí- lleva en el brazo izquierdo la doble cruz de fundador y en la mano un libro cerrado; la derecha sobre el pecho y llagada; tras él a la derecha un cordero y detrás la ermita. La orla tiene filete liso y verde. Realizado con pintura cerámica polícroma vidriada sobre fondo estamnífero liso.

Ceramic altarpiece of Santo Domingo de Guzmán

Santo Domingo de Guzmán, in habit of his order, standing with a blue star on his head; An open book in the left hand with which holds the double cross of founder; With his right hand he offers a great rosary; To his feet, to the right, the dog with the candle on and the ball of the world. The rim has double ocher fillet decorated with dots. Made with polychromatic glazed ceramic paint on a flat, stamped background. It has inscriptions (Down on white stripe): “STO. DOMINGO, FR. ”

City hall

It is located in the square of San Vicente Ferrer, in the same road of Barcelona and it is soothes city hall.

Club nautical Poblamarina

Every sailor will find in Pobla Marina the perfect stopover on your journey and a very special destination, where we will offer you close and personalized attention.

Pobla Marina is located 5 miles north of Valencia, and located in the city center, offers a wide range of services just a few steps from your mooring: supermarkets, pharmacy, medical center, post office, shops, direct access to The beach, restaurants, taxi, bus.

Its proximity to the city of Valencia opens a range of cultural and leisure possibilities, as they are; The City of Arts and Sciences, theaters and museums, restaurants and shopping centers.

All this enjoying one of the best climates in the world, the Mediterranean, which guarantees sunny days throughout the year with an average temperature of 20 ºC.

Pobla Marina has a team of professionals who will attend to you 24 hours a day, User Assistance Service (SAU) open from Monday to Sunday, night surveillance, showers and changing rooms, laundry, swimming pool during the summer months, social lounge, service Wi-Fi internet, water and electricity supply at the mooring.